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Auto Accident Injuries

By far, the best treatment for a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) that does not require hospitalization is Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

"Standards of Care" of conventional (allopathic) medicine is usually Vicodin for pain and Flexeril for muscle spasm. The patient is discharged shortly thereafter if no broken bones or other serious injuries are discovered. Alternative medical choices usually involve spinal manipulations (chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic), now usually with massage therapy; or sometimes acupuncture. All biological tissues have inherent electromagnetic vibrational resonances. Injuries change these resonance frequencies. The injured tissues are still the same tissues, but something has changed. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) addresses these resonance changes. FSM, provided together with spinal manipulations, is the best choice for motor vehicle accident victims. Sharing patients between a chiropractor and a naturopathic physician is easy, and performed frequently at this clinic.

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) for Neuromuscular Therapy

FSM has been shown in many clinical studies, and thousands of patient visits with many FSM practitioners, to be extremely effective in: auto, work, and sports injuries; nerve pains and many other types of myofascial pains; spinal facet joint pains and other joint pains; muscle sprains and minor tears (not requiring surgery); dramatically speeds recovery of surgical procedures; ligament and tendon sprains and strains (not requiring surgery); dramatically speeds post surgical recovery including broken bones; discogenic pains of the spine; acute and chronic trauma injuries; ligamentous instability; chronic shoulder and knee pain; TMJ; visceral pains; emotional trauma; depression; lymphatic issues; shingles (an easy fix) ; concussion injuries; vestibular injuries (dizziness); jet lag and sleep disturbance; PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); fibromyalgia; electrocution; kidney stones; post-herpetic neuralgia; carpel tunnel; Morton's neuroma; diabetic peripheral neuropathies; RSD - CRPS (nerves have been severed in surgery); immune system; GI system; gastritis - GERD; ulcerative colitis - diverticulitis; constipation; weight loss (in conjunctions with diet changes); skin injuries - acne - aging; endocrine system; urinary system; reproductive system; endometriosis; BPH; respiratory system; asthma; bronchitis; sinus; common cold; (and the list goes on...)

Understanding how FSM works, requires an understanding of biological resonance. To help increase your understanding, may I please suggest the following:

  • Learn more under Microcurrent in the Resources area of this website. It is a long read, but well worth the effort.
  • Go to YouTube ( In the search box type in, "Kirlian Photography Aura." There are many videos. Concentrate of the ones that show changes to the aura when outside influences are introduced. This is a basic understanding how FSM works, by addressing very specific resonance frequencies that result when damaging injuries occur.

Want more details about Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy? Call us at (360) 687-3340 and let's talk about it!

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Comprehensive Nutritional Blood and Hair Analysis Testing

Many problems show up in the blood long before you actually "feel" symptoms. Did you know you can have only 20% liver or kidney function left and still have virtually no symptoms? How do you know if you're truly healthy? Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate whether or not you are progressing toward a serious illness, such as cancer, liver, heart or many other diseases.

A complete Nutritional Blood Analysis will determine:

  • How healthy you really are
  • What problems are just beginning
  • What diseases you have
  • What dietary and lifestyle changes you should make
  • If the supplements you are taking are working

Starting with a consultation, we will determine the testing that should be done. Using bloodwork and other diagnostic tools, an in-depth analysis of your body function will be performed. The testing will show where the problem areas are occurring or just developing. Your detailed report will explain your test findings, as well as the nutrient and dietary recommendations based upon your test results.

Blood test lab range values must promote health, not be an average of a population base which is getting sicker and sicker with each generation.

  • Conventional Medicine Widens Blood Test Lab Values
  • Naturopathic Medicine Adheres to Historically Healthy Values
  • Conventional Medicine usually relies on about 13 blood tests for evaluation
  • My Blood and Hair Analysis combined, uses 97 tests for evaluation
  • Conventional Medicine uses population averages to determine acceptable test ranges. As populations become sicker, the "acceptable" test values widen.


Hemoglobin A1C is one of many examples. HA1C will test for the amount of blood sugar over the past 90 days. It is a far more accurate test than the standard Glucose test for blood sugar problems.
  • In 2007, Naturopathic "Healthy" ranges were between 4.80 and 5.60 %
  • Currently, Naturopathic "Healthy" ranges remain between 4.80 and 5.60 %


  • In 2007, Conventional Medicine ranges were between 4.80 and 5.90 %
  • Currently, Conventional Medicine ranges have widen to 4.60 - 6.40 %
Is this a problem? Permanent health damages begin to occur when HA1C is above 6.00 %, yet you are told "your lab values are within normal ranges." Whose normal ranges?

Alternative medicine practitioners believe the body can heal itself, if given the required nutrition, and if addressing specifically any serious nutritional deficiencies. There are a lot of food supplements sold all over the world. Some are good, but many are worthless. In your report, specific manufacturers will be suggested for each supplementation. Why? Not all vitamins, supplements, minerals, etc, are high in quality and also bio-available to the cells.

See an example Analysis Report (PDF File)

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Hidden Food Allergy Testing

There are several documented health problems associated with eating foods which the body can no longer tolerate. Some are specific to children. Most documented health problems affect adults and children alike. Many of these food allergies (or food intolerances), will not manifest until four (4) days after eating the offending foods. I call these 4-day delayed reactions, "hidden allergies" because it is nearly impossible to discover the offending foods without proper testing.

There are three widely understood mechanisms for food allergy / intolerance reactions:

  • IgE: Immediate - as short as a few minutes, up to a few hours. Usually easy to identify because the reaction occurs without much delay.
  • IgG: Delayed - eat a food and four days later (can be more, can be less), the allergic / intolerance reaction occurs. (This is why IgG reactions are considered "hidden.")
  • IgA: Delayed - reactions can occur 1 - 4 days later and demonstrates a significant problem exists within the intestines.

Hospitals rarely will run an IgA test. They usually run IgE tests, and sometimes might include IgG tests. They seem to order their tests individually. Meaning: 14 tests is testing for 14 foods, in one reaction type. The printout is just that, words and numbers; usually hard to follow for the average person

I've used US Biotek labs exclusively since 1992. One test will test for 96 foods in one reaction type. Their printout is in a colored graph form that can be read 3 feet away without any effort. They run each test twice to guarantee accuracy. They are dependable, and always have been.

Documented food reactions in children have been known to cause:

  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Mood and behavioral changes
  • Bed wetting

Documented food reactions in children and adults have been known to cause:

  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Water retention
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight gain/loss
  • GI tract problems
  • Chronic infections
  • Chronic Fatigue

Avoiding highly allergic foods usually begins to bring positive results in a matter of only a few weeks. I then instruct patients when and how to re-introduce those allergic foods back into their diet later on. Sometimes a Blood and Hair Analysis needs to be ordered, to get to the bottom of why the body is having problems in the first place dealing with specific foods. Allergic reactions to foods causes moderate to very severe inflammation anywhere in the digestive tract; which inflammatory reactions then causes the many the subsequent documented health problems.

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