About Dr. David Young

Years of experience. But most importantly, a true passion for naturopathic medicine.

About Me

I am Dr. David G. Young, N.D., a licensed primary care Naturopathic Doctor. I hold three valid licenses to practice primary care medicine. Two are state issued licenses from both the states of Washington and Oregon. The third is a national license from the Pastoral Medical Association. The Pastoral Medical Association is not about being religious. It is a world wide, formal separation of church and state to protect both patients and doctors from the current stealthy trend of infringement and erosion of the patient / doctor relationship. All government / state issued medical licenses are subject to this stealthy erosion.

I treat a wide range of medical conditions. Most patients who seek help, have already exhausted all other avenues of medicine and still have the same problems, unresolved. My practice location is in Battle Ground, Washington. Patients have come as far as Canada, Utah, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Naturopathic Medicine strives first to identify the cause, then treat the cause; rather then treating only the effects, or symptoms. As an example: If your child suffers from recurrent ear infections, the standards of care of conventional medicine dictates prescribing antibiotics. Chronic use of antibiotics affects the intestinal flora, creating a serious imbalance of that flora, eventually leading to more problems. Ear infections are a symptom, NOT a cause. Most ear infections in children are caused by hidden food allergies, food intolerance reactions that occur four days after consumption causing mucous to form. Any mucous that builds up in the ears can cause ear infections, especially in children. Chronic antibiotic use causes more food allergies; hence, more mucous; hence, more potential ear infections. Other, deeper, more serious underlying problems may also be contributory. Specific blood tests scientifically help to identify underlying health issues. Traditional Naturopathic Doctors always seek first to find the cause of disease, then treat those underlying causes. The result is an increase in overall health and happiness.

Many deeply rooted health problems can usually be traced to a previous trauma. Examples: An auto accident many years earlier that was never properly treated; environmental assaults that left toxic residues that can remain for years; strong emotional influences that may have occurred as an infant, or in the military. Other deeply rooted problems can be traced to lifestyle habits, some even handed down from generation to generation.

Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.) traditionally take all events into consideration, along with appropriate blood tests, and hair tests when appropriate. The word doctor in Latin means teacher. N.D.s always involve the patient in their health care, frequently teaching the patient about the therapies we use, and what their blood tests mean.

It is far better to identify health issues when these are still minor problems, then to wait until a crises develops into a severe health problem. A Comprehensive Blood and Hair Analysis frequently uncovers simmering health problems before they become life threatening. Identifying these causes early, usually only requires some simple adjustments in dietary and/or lifestyle changes. This is valid for any age, from small children to those in their mature years. “Symptom free” does not mean disease free. Essential organ functions can be up to 90% failure without any symptoms of warning. Ill health does not occur overnight.

How I Offer Care

The ability to practice medicine in the United States has entered into the beginning phases of significant changes, starting in 2014. The public has been fairly well informed how these new changes will affect their financial status. What the public is not being taught, is how this will affect the quality of medicine they may access , and the confidentially of their health records. The Pastoral Medical Association protects the privacy rights of patients; as well as the ability of their doctors to prescribe the best personalized medical care for each individual patient, based upon needs; rather then medical decisions that will be made from third party sources according to what is best for the current financial, current political medical environment.

Effective in 2014, all medical care I provide will be under the national license of the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA). If you desire medical care through this clinic, it will be necessary for you to apply for membership with the PMA as a Lay member. Lay membership is free for life. It maintains the freedom for both the patient and doctor to choose the best therapy for each patient, without outside dictations. Lay members are those who seek medical care. Lay members decide for him or herself, what they want, or do not want. PMA membership, once activated, does not have to be used if the patient desires to opt out. If they opt in, their medical records, and choices of health care, will be without limitations, depending solely upon the patients choices and what is best for the patient.

Licensed doctors are Provider members. Providers must be fully and currently state licensed in their doctoral degrees to be considered eligible to apply for a PMA license. PMA providers are just as responsible to practice medicine correctly, as when state licensed.


I began my medical practice in January 1993. I created this website in 1998 as a naturopathic medicine reference guide for the people of the free world who were too poor to afford conventional medical care, but would like to look something up. I became a doctor because I witnessed since childhood, many people who became sick and were denied medical care, all for lack of money. Then their marriages and families suffered the emotional trauma of chronic (never ending) health problems. I have also witnessed many times the massive and current abuse of the pharmaceutical medications of conventional medical doctors, (a.k.a. allopathic medicine). Drug therapy has more negative side effects, than the reason the drugs were prescribed in the first place. First Do No Harm, is the foundational principle of Naturopathic Medicine. There are always negative side effects with any drug therapy. Some are mild, some can kill you. Many deaths per year are linked to drug therapy. Vis Medicatrix Naturae is the Naturopathic motto meaning: The Healing Power of Nature. Naturopathic Medicine strives to avoid drug therapy as much as possible, in favor of restoring health naturally. Did you know the best defense your body has to fight disease, is its very own immune system? Yet, drug therapy usually suppresses your natural immune system.

Regrettably, I also noticed people have variable tolerance levels. It is my primary focus in this life to have a wonderful marriage and to assist others in trying to also achieve a wonderful marriage. While I considered marriage counseling as a career, I thought, if I could offer a healthier lifestyle for the married couple by enhancing the quality of their time together and reduce the physical trials they may have; then perhaps I could help others enhance their marriages through increased health. My greatest satisfaction in my style of medicine is when I find a couple where one has had a serious health problem for years and no significant help has ever been found. Yet, the healthier spouse has remained true and faithful to the sicker spouse all these years. Then, when the sicker spouse finally begins to feel better, it is like they have found a second honeymoon.

I used to offer my email address and over the years, was emailed questions by lay people from almost every free country in this world. This became a huge burden on me. If someone really needs help, please call me instead. However, I prefer to work face-to-face. When I work face-to-face, I can see my patients countenance and observe other valuable pieces of information, which usually prove helpful to me when I determine what is best for my patients.

DISCLAIMER This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional with Nutritional Training to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements about these health topics or any suggested product compositions.