Auto Accident Injuries

A holistic solution in Battle Ground, WA, much more than chiropractic and massage.

Electron Vibrations

Auto Injuries need deeper treatment than chiropractic and massage alone. The natural vibrational resonance of the tissues have been distorted and will not return to normal unless the correct therapy is administered.

Every tissue in the human body is made up of cells. We all know that. Going deeper, viewing with an electron microscope, reveals each cell is made up of trillions of molecules. Going even deeper we find each molecule is made up of numerous atoms. Going deeper still, we find that each atom is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Actually, this is common knowledge for anyone who has taken either high school level or college level chemistry courses.

High school chemistry classes in the late 1960s, as well as college classes in the 1970s and 80s, taught the electrons circulating around the nucleus of the atom, spun around the atom in continuous circles, like how wheel weights do on an automobile tire to keep that tire balanced. That information is wrong. Yet, this same description is still commonly taught in schools today.

Electrons that are doing nothing more than spinning in circles around the nucleus will not give that atom any valuable electronic signature that the rest of the body can use.

Electron microscopy has clearly revealed all the electrons circulating around the nucleus are vibrating, not spinning. Those electrons vibrations form an electron cloud, or aura of energy, which gives a specific electronic signature. Now when several atoms are assembled into one molecule, that molecule has its own unique aura of energy.

When all the electrons are vibrating correctly in their natural state, in all the atoms, making up all the molecules, that eventually make up each cell; the tissues of the human body will be healthy.

Every negative impact upon any tissue, whether it be internally or externally imposed, will cause alterations to the electron cloud vibrating around the nucleus of each atom.

Externally imposed impacts can be things like environmental toxins, or parasites, bacteria and viruses. Any physical trauma will also cause changes to the electron cloud. The stronger the physical trauma, the greater degree of changes to the electrons. Some of the greatest impact traumas will be accidents like falling off a ladder, spraining and creating micro-tears to muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Impact traumas from an automobile accident can be just as serious as falling off a ladder many feet in the air.

“Standards of Care” for auto accidents are different, depending on which modality of medicine the injured party decides to take. Conventional medicine, absent any obvious broken bones, cracked skulls, or severed spinal cords, etc, most often treat using chemicals to keep the injured tissues “relaxed.” The theory is that chemically relaxed tissues will eventually heal on their own.

Chiropractic medicine strongly disagrees with conventional medicine about forcing muscle tissue to remain chemically relaxed. Chiropractic medicine understands mis-alignment to the spinal column has occurred, and therefore, needs to be corrected. This is good. Most chiropractors will often co-treat with a massage therapist. Usually the D.C. has a massage therapist as one of his paid office staff. The reason for massage therapy is to help keep the injured tissues relaxed, only this time without the need for chemicals.

What both disciplines of medicine have circumvented, is the now altered, natural vibrational resonance frequencies of the electrons of each atom, that make up each molecule, which creates each cell, which collectively creates each tissue; those now abnormal vibrational frequencies will remain in their altered state until purposely corrected by the right therapy.

The only therapy I am aware of (I have been practicing medicine since 1993) which is able to correct tissues on the deep level of the atom, restoring the correct vibrational resonance frequencies at the level of the electrons, is Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).

FSM therapy takes time. Each therapy session will take about 45 minutes. Hence, many doctors have elected not to specialize in this therapy, it simply takes too much time and most doctors want to see “several” patients in each hour to keep their income high. I recommend the reader do a little homework and find a physician who is well trained in this therapy.

The FSM training center for doctors has their own website where patients can search for a FSM practitioner in their geographical area: ” .” From their home page click on “Practitioners.” Enter your geographical information. As a teaching aid, enter the zip code “98604” or Battle Ground, WA. (98604 will bring up a lot of practitioners. ) Scroll down the entire list and note the names of the practitioners who have more than just a yellow key code next to their names. Any practitioner who has taken one or more seminar training courses, will have a yellowed key code. Only the doctors who have taken the time to become “certified practitioners” will have an additional green key code. Now try to find a FSM doctor who is certified. If none are in your area, then you will need to call the remainder of the FSM docs to see who you like the most.

For further teaching, I recommend reading the testimonials written by former patients.

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Brain Stem Injuries

All impact injuries, including auto accidents, usually causes the head to be tossed violently. This creates an injury state to the Brain Stem. The Brain Stem coordinates all traffic to and from the brain, all autonomic functions, and is the source of nine of the twelve the cranial nerves. The Brain Stem is still working, but no longer “optimally.” To the untrained physician, this injury remains unacknowledged. These symptoms usually go unnoticed, until months after therapy has concluded and the insurance claim has been closed. Long term complaints are usually: “I’ve never been quite the same since that accident.” etc.

Noticeable symptoms of a Brain Stem injury usually surface about six to 18 months after the accident. Common symptoms may include:

  • Memory and decision making problems
  • Other cognitive functions including executive functions and judgement
  • Linear thinking and communication
  • Difficulty with sequencing
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety, depression, labile moods, PTSD, emotional issues
  • Balance and coordination difficulties

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Cervical Trauma Induced Fibromyalgia

Cervical Trauma Induced Fibromyalgia is one of the causes of Fibromyalgia. The damage that occurred was in the cervical portion of the spinal cord, which hindered normal nerve enervation through that part of the spinal cord, leading to painful fibromyalgia points below the cervical spinal cord. These symptoms may begin to appear six to 18 months post accident.
Reference: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (2005), 9 169-176.
Title of Study: “Cytokine changes with microcurrent treatment of fibromyalgia associated with cervical spine trauma.”

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Kirlian Photography

Understanding principles of electrical energy patterns as it relates to human biological tissue, can be confusing. May I suggest some homework—it will be fun. Your suggested assignment is to look up “Kirlian Photography.”

Studying these photographs will help the reader to gain a better understanding of the energy patterns produced by electron vibrations.

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