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METAGENICS: I have been successfully prescribing Metagenics products since 1992. Metagenics has more published research studies than all the other companies combined! It is my family’s first choice in pharmaceutical grade, heath care nutraceuticals as well as my first choice for all my patients.

AQUA TUNE Water Bottle from Tuning Element: Frequency Specific Microcurrent’s electrical current cannot pass through dehydrated tissues. Some form of water ionizer greatly helps keep organic tissues properly hydrated. Normal water molecules are “clustered” together, usually 9-12 molecules in a single cluster. Ionizers break up those large clusters into single molecules of water. Then the single water molecules easily pass through the Aquaporins (water channels) of cell membranes, keeping the inside of cells hydrated. This is especially important for the Central Nervous System, which includes the Brain and Spinal Cord. Ionizers can be extremely expensive. Instead, my family uses the AQUA TUNE water bottle from Tuning Elements. It costs about 1/15th of the price of conventional choices. It is a handy carry size, does not require batteries, and very effective in reducing water clusters. We carry ours with us everywhere.

Both “Battle Ground Apothecary” and “Healing Arts Apothecary” are locally owned and operated, and both are excellent choices when something is needed fast.

Please note the following:

Buyer Beware of Poor Quality and/or Counterfeit Supplements!

  • Responsible Naturopathic Doctors only prescribe “Therapeutic Grade” supplements.
  • Any patient completing a Nutritional Blood, Hair and Urinary Toxic Elements Testing, is prescribed very specific supplements from specific manufacturers.
  • Those patients who follow their specific vitamin recommendations, always seem to look and act healthier compared to those patients who “buy the cheap stuff.”
  • Porta-Potty maintenance crews are often finding undissolved vitamin pills when emptying the porta-potties. When asked: “How do you know those things are vitamin pills?” They have responded: “Because the writing is still on the pills.” (Consuming cheap supplements is, literally, “tossing your money down the toilet”).

Note!—The counterfeiting of health supplements has become widespread.

  • Responsible Naturopathic Doctors always deal with the same group of health supplement manufacturers.
  • Every one of these manufacturers who produce “therapeutic grade” supplements have hired full-time staff to identify and shut down counterfeit companies who are printing labels and posing as the true company.
  • The counterfeit companies manufacture cheap products, then use fake labels to sell them.
  • In some cases the ingredients in the counterfeit products have been found to be harmful to health. In one of the counterfeit companies I found, one of their ingredients is known to cause cancer.
  • All the counterfeit company has to do, after being legally shut down is change the name of their company and change just one little mark on their counterfeit label. Now a “new” label has been created and the cycle begins again.
  • The responsible companies usually have at least four full-time staff dedicated solely to this end, yet they can barely keep up. For every one counterfeit company that has been shut down, another 5 pop up.
  • The internet companies who sell these counterfeit products have been warned they are selling counterfeit products. The response they gave to me is: “We know, but it is a good seller, so we are going to keep selling it.”

Buyer beware. Always make sure that you’re purchasing legitimate, non-counterfeit products.

DISCLAIMER This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional with Nutritional Training to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements about these health topics or any suggested product compositions.