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a woman healing from a car accident

Recover from your car accident

A car accident can affect your body for the rest of your life, and should be treated with more than chiropractic and massage. The natural vibrational resonance of the tissues have been distorted and will not return to normal unless the correct therapy is administered.

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a woman holding a baby without sore joints

Ease your sore joints and muscles

Life is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it takes a toll on your body. Whether you're experiencing joint or muscular pain from sports injuries, genetic inheritance, or simply the process of life itself, a sore body can ruin your mental outlook in your daily activities.

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a man enjoying dinner without food allergies

Relieve yourself from allergies

Even the healthiest of lifestyles can't protect you from the natural allergies you are born with. And nothing can ruin a healthy quality of life faster than food and pet allergies. If you're doing all you can to stay healthy and you're still not feeling 100%, let us dig a little deeper.

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Dr David Young Battle Ground Naturopath

About Dr. David G. Young, N.D., PSc.D.

Dr. Young has been actively practicing naturopathic medicine since 1993. A few of his areas of expertise include:

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