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Sinusitis Medical Considerations
Sinusitis Discussion
Medical Considerations

Bromelain: Bromelain is a Plant Digestive Enzyme which is extracted from Pineapple. Bromelain has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce internal inflammations. These inflammations can be inflamed joints, inflamed sinus passages, or inflamed organs such as the prostate. However, in order for Bromelain to demonstrate its anti-inflammatory action, it must be taken on an empty stomach. The reason is simple. If there is food in your stomach, then Bromelain, along with the other digestive enzymes, will be used up to digest your food. If taken without food, then the entire digestive enzymes formula will find it way into the blood stream, unused.

Digestive Enzymes: Must have a very high quality, bioavailable, preferably broad spectrum formula, for rapid and complete digestion of foods, to prevent developing possible food allergies. Raw food has intact enzymes that assist in the digestion of that food group. Cooking destroys enzymes. Our bodies also have enzymes that assist in digesting foods, however enzyme function diminishes with age. Failure to completely digest foods leads to incomplete assimilation of nutrients. The result is the development of a number of chronic medical conditions, food allergies included. Plant based digestive enzymes work at any pH; meaning once it is in your stomach, it starts working right away. Animal based digestive enzymes do not begin to work until after your stomach pH drops very low; thus any person with hypochlorhydria (a lack of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juices), may never benefit from animal based digestive enzymes. Enzymes taken with meals will be used up in the stomach while they help digest that meal. Enzymes taken on an empty stomach will go into the blood stream intact. Blood conditions such as stacking of red blood cells (RBCs) like a stack of coins (RBC Rouleau), or red blood cells clumping together (RBC Aggregation), or accumulations of Uric Acid Crystals in the blood, can be greatly helped with a combination of Plant Digestive Enzymes and Antioxidants, taken on an empty stomach. (See our section on pain.)
Health NOTE: Individuals with extreme cases of Gastritis, Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers should begin their Enzyme Supplementation with very little (or no) Protease. Then slowly introduce Protease in approximately 4-6 weeks. This is due to the situation that Protease may temporarily have a burning sensation on individuals with these situations.

Live Blood Analysis: Pain has many potential causes. However, when you have exhausted all available avenues for the causes of your “chronic full body pains,” you might want to consider a live blood analysis. Viewing a fresh, natural blood sample (a sample not altered with any stains, etc., needed for normal microscopic exams), under the technology of a dark field microscope, will reveal conditions of your blood not normally even considered during the diagnosis of a normal blood test performed in doctor’s offices. A dark field microscope is a microscope designed to permit diversion of light rays and illumination, from the side, so that details appear light against a dark background; as opposed to light passing straight through the specimen. If bright lights from the microscope pass directly through the specimen, the heat from the light source will kill the RBCs faster. Also, by diverting the light rays, a greater amount of depth and details can be viewed. (Almost like a three-dimension view). (See section on Pain for more info.)
The FDA does not approve of dark field microscope studies, therefore, finding a doctor who can make this study, could be difficult.

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Sinus problems usually begin with some degree of sinus congestion caused by a cold (or other virus), or an allergic reaction; or a sinus infection that is usually caused by an underlying bacterial infection. A chronic congested sinuses problem in general is usually the result of a sinusitis infection.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses accompanied by pain, headache and, at times, mucous drainage. While it is often considered a bacterial disease and may respond frequently to antibiotics, clinical experience has proven that allergies, food and environment, are primary.

Diagnosing and treating sensitivities on any level of severity can be a complicated and involved process.

One of the give-a-ways that it is a allergy reaction is what we call “allergic shiners” under the eyes. These are dark circlues under the eyes.

The first defense for chronic sinus infections is to seek proper medical help. Unfortunately, there are not many clinics with this as their specialty.

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