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Purity and Quality of Supplements

There have been a number of recent items in the media regarding dietary supplements. Most recently, the media has reported on the New York Attorney General’s office delivering cease and desist letters to four major retailers – Target, GNC, Walgreens, and Walmart – to stop selling certain dietary supplements. The action in New York was taken in response to an investigation conducted by the Attorney General in which 78 bottles of popular botanical supplements were obtained off the shelves of these retailers and subjected to DNA barcoding analysis. This analysis has been claimed to determine that many of the sampled products contained ingredients other than those listed on the label, and in some cases, revealed the major ingredients cited on the label were not present in the product.

Thorne Research, 5 February 2015

This is precisely why I only prescribe/recommend companies who have earned my personal trust:

  • (1) Metagenics
  • (2) Professional Complementary Health Formulas
  • (3) Standard Process
  • (4) Biotics Research
  • (5) Thorne Research
  • (6) Biogenesis
  • (7) Barlow Herbal Botanicals
  • (8) Christopher Herbs
  • (9) Professional Formulas Goat Whey Protein
  • (10) Response Formulas Vegan Protein
  • (11) Wellesley Therapeutics
  • (12) Douglas Labs
  • (13) American Nutriceuticals
  • (14) Progressive Labs
  • (15) Xymogen

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