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Pain Medical Considerations
Pain Discussion
Medical Considerations

There are endless causes for pain. Below is just one potential cause that may be overlooked in most medical circles.

There are many potential problems with blood, some of which could be potentially quite serious. If you have any doubts, meet with your doctor for a proper diagnosis. This website is not intended to replace a doctor’s visit if indicated. Taking Antioxidants with Digestive Enzymes is NOT a “cure all” for all blood conditions. However many patients suffer needlessly from simple-to-address blood conditions that are not threatening to life, but at the same time will prevent happiness and good health from occurring. The following suggestion is given with this in mind.

Antioxidants and Plant Digestive Enzymes, TOGETHER: Suggestion Only: Consume a MINIMUM of 2 (two) Antioxidants with 2 (two) Plant Digestive Enzymes BETWEEN MEALS, 2 (two) times per day. Suggestion: First thing in the morning before breakfast, and again immediately after getting home from work before eating dinner. Or as an alternative, take your second dose just before going to bed at night. The key points to remember are twice per day and on an empty stomach, and daily. The IDEAL is 3 (three) Antioxidants with 3 (three) Plant Digestive Enzymes, between meals, 3 (three) times per day. The healing properties of the synergistic combination of the Antioxidants with the Plant Digestive Enzymes, with no food in your stomach, will go directly into your blood stream. While in your blood; your red blood cells, your blood plasma, and any other factors present in your blood will be acted upon by these supplements. If you take these items with food in your stomach, then the Plant Digestive Enzymes will be used up digesting that food and the combined synergistic action of the Antioxidants with the Plant Digestive Enzymes will be lost. You must use the best quality products available or the desired action may not fully occur. When combining these two items as suggested, the synergistic actions will be magnified. It is the principle of one plus one equals three. (1+1=3) One Antioxidant has the action potential of one; likewise with the Plant Digestive Enzymes. But one Antioxidant taken with one Plant Digestive Enzymes together, has the action potential value of three. A good layperson analogy in this topic is the blood seems to be “sticky”, causing the RBCs to be grouped together. Using this suggestion seems to help eliminate some of this “stickiness, thus allowing the blood to have more normal properties.

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The more common, simple-to-address problems associated with blood dysfunction are conditions called RBC Rouleau and RBC Aggregation. In RBC Rouleau the RBCs are stacked on top of each other much like a stack of coins. If this condition becomes more severe, then the RBCs will start to clump together in large groups, much like sludge, called aggregated RBCs. When RBCs are stacked or grouped together, it is very difficult for those RBCs to receive fresh oxygen and nutrients, and equally difficult to give these nutrients to cells. Some of your smallest capillaries are so tiny that only a single RBC must be folded so it can pass through. In RBC Rouleau and or RBC Aggregation, RBCs cannot pass through the smallest of these capillaries.

The reason why it is so important to detect possible RBC Rouleau or Aggregation, are these conditions can be a common denominator of seemingly endless ill health. And unless these conditions are corrected, you can take supplements and other medicine endlessly and your health may never improve. You will likely always be in some amount of poor health; the only differences from day-to-day will be the amount of poor health you are in.

Both digestive enzymes and antioxidants are very effective in reversing RBC Rouleau and RBC Aggregation if taken together and on an empty stomach. Lasting effects will not occur overnight. It may take being on a therapeutic dose of both digestive enzymes and antioxidants for 2, 3, or 4 months to really make a lasting difference. However some improvements may be noted quickly.

There are other blood conditions that can be improved with antioxidants and enzymes, taken together, between meals. If you cannot locate anyone to test your blood, the consumption of antioxidants with enzymes still retains sound validity. The reason is simple. Exposure to modern day atmospheres, auto exhaust, pollution, food additives, processed foods, and a whole host of other unnatural substances, will take it toll on our sensitive biological bodies. The suggestion of antioxidants with enzymes as a base for health care is sound therapeutic and preventive advice for our industrialized world.

It is very important to understand digestive enzymes. If taken with food, those enzymes will be used up digesting the food in your stomach, which is a very important factor to help prevent Rouleau and Aggregation in the first place, partly due to pH changes from poorly digested food. In order for the enzymes to work at reversing the Rouleau and Aggregation that is already present in your blood, the digestive enzymes MUST be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH. Therefore, you will be taking your digestive enzymes at two different time frames throughout the day: Between meals, and during meals.

My IDEAL suggested protocol is: Take approximately 3 (three) plant digestive enzymes with 3 (three) antioxidants, on an empty stomach, a minimum of 3 (three) times per day. Then also take approximately 2 (two) digestive enzymes with each meal for complete digestion of your food to help prevent your blood pH changing from altering your red blood cells in the first place. The slight altering of blood pH is considered to be one of the causative effects of RBC Rouleau and Aggregation. This suggested dose between meals is variable depending upon the severity of the condition of your blood. The suggested dose with meals may need to be altered depending upon the amount and types of food consumed. More severe blood conditions require more digestive enzymes and more antioxidants taken between meals. A meal that is large, and or has a lot of meat, will require more digestive enzymes with meals.

My MINIMUM suggested protocol is: 2 (two) plant digestive enzymes with 2 (two) antioxidants, on an empty stomach, a minimum of 2 (two) times per day

Live blood analysis can also detect many other negative conditions of the body because the blood is the area where all of the nutrients, and waste are transported.

There are many other potential problems with blood, like microcytic and macrocytic anemia; or a whole list of other potentially serious blood problems. If you have any doubts at all, I strongly advise visiting with your doctor. This website is not intended to replace a doctor’s visit if indicated. Taking Antioxidants with Digestive Enzymes is not a “cure all” for all blood conditions.

Your lesson is: Many can suffer needlessly from simple-to-address blood conditions that are not threatening to life, but will prevent happiness and good health from occurring.

Pain simply stated, is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Naturopathy’s goal is to relieve the causes of pain not just the symptoms. Many of the causes of common painful conditions are unique to the female body. For example, hormonal imbalances related to PMS or menopausal conditions, candidiasis, allergies and low thyroid can cause or aggravate neck and back pain, arthritis, joint pain and / or muscle cramping. A woman’s health can also be jeopardized by certain activities of daily living (or the lack of activity). Carrying a purse, a child, or groceries on one side of the body over a prolonged time can cause spinal and musculature imbalances. These imbalances can cause pain between the shoulder blades, neck and lower back pain, and numbness, tingling and pain down the arms and legs. A lack of exercise and stretching, poor muscle tone and poor posture can also result in pain and stiffness. Maintaining the same posture or position for many hours of doing repetitive movements or motions can cause tendonitis, sprains, strains, or discomfort in the joints. Improper sleeping habits and using an improper pillow can cause neck and shoulder pain. Physical problems caused by a previous injury can be reactivated by a whole host of physical maladies including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease). After obtaining your case history, testing for nutritional and other imbalances, the physician can often reveal the actual causes of many painful conditions. In many cases, the physician must discover and treat pre-existing conditions as well as the hormonal imbalances, recognizing that the body functions as an integrated system. It should also be recognized that chronic anxiety, stress and tension could build up in soft tissues of the body over time. These factors can make muscles feel hard, tight, knotty and tender to the touch. Chronic coffee drinking and high sugar intake can cause over stimulation and make matters worse.

Hormonal imbalances in women are something that can occur in life, especially later on in life; but can affect women at any age. These hormonal imbalances can, and usually do, translate into a source of migraine headaches. This is actually very common.

There are many causes and things that are related to what we humans experience as pain. When we are damaged physically, nerve endings feel pain because of substances called leukotrienes. Those nerve endings can have a narcotic effect that covers up the pain response and blocks it at the nerve synapse. Or it can have a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory effect that stops the release of leukotrienes. Those are the inflaming things that also cause pain and swelling in our bodies. The painful component is moderated by many other factors: age, sex, race, how hot or cold the environment is, how used to pain we are, what our attitude is toward pain. Many things come into play when a human body experiences discomfort. The Chinese had a way a blocking pain through the meridians where they just stuck needles and that facilitated the flow of energy through the meridian. The feeling was that the injury caused the blockage in that energy. Homeopaths with a sprained ankle or broken joint would give a homeopathic remedy. One common homeopathic remedy for acute pain is called Arnica. Arnica just rebalances the body and many times the pain and swelling will go away. The body is still injured and the person must treat himself or herself like they are still injured. In some cases, the pain and swelling serves a purpose, that when taken away by an external agent, is not the best thing for the body. There are a variety of nervine substances like Valerian, Passiflora and Hops and Jamaican Dogwood that nature has given us that perform different functions with the nervous system. Instead of blocking the pain response, some of them are muscle relaxers, and some of them tone the nervous system and make it more able to handle discomfort. They work in a much more tonic fashion than some of the more pharmaceutical agents available today. There is also Willow Bark, which is chemically very similar to aspirin. There are also several pain scenarios that are affected by digestion: whether the liver works properly or whether fatty acid action is proceeding through the appropriate biochemical pathways. It seems that fatty acids are precursors to inflammatory products. By favoring certain food sources you can diminish pain for certain conditions. It is also known that pain can be handled through altered states of consciousness.

The traditional way to alter consciousness is to totally depress the central nervous system, which knocks out most of the person’s perception of pain. Different hypnotic type states can bring about a profound relaxation and unconscious period where the nervous system, in many cases, can be selectively turned off. There are various states of hypnosis: to some very mild suggested states to quite profound states. One of the more common hypnotic conditions can be witnessed watching our children watch television. Do I need to say more? In summary, pain is there to tell us something. We could have a broken bone, or maybe we are mistreating our digestion. The Naturopathic Physician should ideally try to find the cause and look for the reason why the person has the pain.

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DISCLAIMER This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional with Nutritional Training to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements about these health topics or any suggested product compositions.