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Pure Sources
General Discussion
MSM Applications
Quality Check
Side Effects and References
Reliable Sources

Two Known Pure Sources

MSM: Rich Distributing: 500 mg pure MSM per capsule. Nothing added.
“FOR-IN:” Rich Distributing: 500 mg pure MSM per capsule, with Glucosamine HCl, Grape seed extract, and Green tea.
MSM is sold in many health food stores, just be very cautious.

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General Discussion

Our bodies require the element sulfur for many of its functions. Sulfur is a component of the proteins necessary for the formation of skin, hair, nails and muscle. Sulfur is also a component of bones, teeth and collagen (connective tissue). Sulfur is integral in the formation of bile acids by the liver and insulin by the pancreas. It is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the body and it essential for life. MSM, short for methylsulfonylmethane, is an organic form of sulfur readily absorbed and utilized by our bodies. MSM is composed of 34% bio-available sulfur, making it the richest source of organic sulfur available. MSM is a safe, natural, assimilable food, which assists the body in maintaining adequate sulfur stores. MSM may support the body in regulating insulin production, improving skin smoothness and elasticity, regulating environmental and allergic sensitivities, enhancing bowel function and liver detoxification, and enhancing respiratory function.

Most inorganic forms of sulfur are of little value to the body and may even cause harm. Sulfites, found as food additives, are one example. These inorganic forms of sulfur, including sulfa drugs, should not be confused with beneficial organic sulfur compounds such as sulfur containing amino acids and MSM.

Doctors Jacob and Herschler at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland Oregon, discovered MSM in the early 1980s.

MSM comes from the evaporation of the waters of the Oceans, into the rain clouds, and then is present in the rain itself. If you water your garden with rainwater, then MSM will be present in the produce of your garden. If you water your garden with water from only your faucet, then no MSM will be present in your produce.

MSM should be present in all the produce we consume, however it is easily destroyed by any heat, or processing of foods or water treatment plants. Therefore finding MSM in our readily available foods is getting harder to do. The half-life of MSM is only 12 hours when consumed within the body. Therefore supplementation with MSM should be repeated both morning and again in the evening.

I have seen many patients benefit greatly from MSM supplementation! I have had patients take MSM and tell me it did not cure the complaint they were hoping for, but when asked how the rest of their body was doing, I would always find out that some other, more important bodily need, was now for the better. MSM will go to whatever part of the body that is in the greatest need! In patients like the above example, I would have them increase their dose of MSM. I have not seen any overdose of MSM with any of my patients. MSM is considered very safe. Toxicity is extremely rare. No toxic effects were shown in humans given up to one gram per kilogram of body weight (70 Grams or more) per day for 30 days. MSM is generally non-allergenic.

MSM can be taken in bulk form. Its appearance is like a crystalline or flaky, pure white salt. When it is mixed with “beneficial” additives, it will take on the color of those other substances. When taken by bulk in the mouth, it is extremely bitter! In our clinic we used to tell our patients to mix the bulk MSM in warm water to dissolve it faster, then hurry up and drink it down fast! Taking it in this fashion is cruel! I even stopped doing it after a short period of time! Then one day I overheard an older fellow taking with some friends. These were people I had been working with every week for a long time in a church calling. I began to question this older gentleman and found out that HE and his son personally knew Doctors Jacob and Herschler, and were the first ones to begin to market the newly discovered MSM. As a matter of fact, this father and son’s MSM Company were the very source of MSM that we were using in our clinic! (Small world?)

If you are taking MSM by bulk, here is the proper way to consume MSM, to avoid that bitter taste. Take a large spoonful of the bulk MSM and place it on the tip of your tongue. Now quickly consume a large amount liquid. Water can be used and is how I consumed bulk MSM. However juices will mask any small taste, especially Cranberry Juice. MSM, when place on the tip of your tongue is tasteless. It is when it dissolves that the taste is so very bitter. Consuming MSM in this manner will allow nearly all of the MSM to dissolve in your stomach, far on the other side of your taste buds!

MSM taken by way of capsule is the most convenient method of taking MSM and is the only practical way to take MSM if “worthy” additives are present within the MSM, to guarantee a proper blend. (Otherwise the ingredients will settle away from each other.)

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MSM Applications

Supported by Research and multiple patents, MSM in sufficient levels as a Dietary Supplement, can help and improve the following conditions: Allergic responses, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Reduces effects of stress, Improves circulation and Enhances cell vitality, Helps regulate insulin production, Improves skin smoothness and elasticity, Reduces pain associated with systemic inflammatory disorders, including arthritis, night leg cramps and migraines. MSM has also shown beneficial in reducing sluggish memory, and symptoms of asthma and emphysema, reducing post athletic activity fatigue and improved joint flexibility.

The addition of the following synergistic ingredients greatly improves the effectiveness of MSM in many of the above conditions: Vitamin C, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Sucrase, Maltase, Lactase, Bromelain and Amyloglucosidase.

The addition of Glucosamine HCL greatly improves the effectiveness of MSM for Osteoarthritis.

MSM serves two very important processes within the body.

  • 1. Some of the excess MSM you consume will flush out of your body in about 12 hours, taking with it many toxins.
  • 2. It is involved in the cellular makeup of the cells walls of any of the new cells your body creates. Our bodies are constantly making new cells to replace old cells. As new cells are created, the MSM is incorporated into the polypeptide bonds that make up the cells walls. The result is the creation of cell walls that are more permeable to nutrients. It is like comparing backpack nylon material to cheesecloth. Cells walls without MSM will be very impermeable to nutrients while cells walls with adequate MSM will be very permeable to nutrients.

    The sulfur within MSM is responsible for the flexibility and elasticity of skin. When sufficient MSM is present, the skin is softer, smoother and more flexible. Tests conducted among laboratory animals indicated that wound healing occurred faster with a group receiving MSM plus vitamin C. Based on this information, MSM has been used to enhance skin wellness, improve scar formation and to assist in skin health in teens prone to acne.

    There is considerable anecdotal evidence that MSM promotes reduction in allergic symptoms in individuals with environmental allergies and sensitivities. Dr. Jacobs, who has utilized MSM in research at the Oregon Health Sciences University, reports improved allergic responses with the use of MSM.

    Liver detoxification:
    Sulfur is extremely important component of Glutathione, the amino acid integral in phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes. Adequate levels of this sulfur-based amino acid are necessary for the liver to perform its detoxification role. Supplementation with MSM may promote improved liver detoxification.

    General improvement in overall joint mobility is seen with the use of MSM. Reports have noted improvement in pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and gout. It is postulated that this is due to sulfur enhancement of the sodium-potassium pump, allowing improved fluid flow and removal of cell toxins with reduction of pain and inflammation. One study at Oregon Health Sciences University found that animals that were given MSM showed no degeneration of cartilage associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Studies in human volunteers with arthritis showed a 60 percent improvement in pain after taking 2.25 grams per day of MSM for four weeks. After six weeks, the improvement rate rose to 82 percent.

    MSM has been purported to enhance lung function by regulating the fluid that covers the airway surface of the lungs (surfactant) and decreasing inflammation. It has been used to decrease airway reactivity in asthmatics. One study showed that MSM increased lung capacity in a group of patients with emphysema.

    Parasitic infections and gastrointestinal health:
    Animal studies suggest that MSM may help lessen parasitic, microbial and fungal infections at levels of 750 to 1500 mg. daily. MSM probably works by competing for receptor sites on the mucous membrane surface thereby blocking parasite adherence.

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    Quality Check

    A conviction; you must thoroughly search out the quality of product:

    While working with this Father and Son over a considerable period of time, I did witness research being conducted on other MSM products from the health food store shelves. I am sorry to report that nearly every source of the then currently available MSM from other distributors, had many fillers present within the MSM. Fillers that had little to no biological effect!

    One day some sample MSM came in from another distributor. This can of bulk MSM was one pound in weight and had a label that clearly stated in very large print: “99.99% Pure MSM.” In very small print under that, were the words “Guaranteed Analysis: 500 mg per pound.” Do you realize what this means? 500 mg is the average size of a single capsule of any herb or Tylenol. So what composed the remainder of the entire pound of “pure MSM” in the above example? Epson Salt! That will really get a person flushed out in a hurry!

    MSM is now readily sold all over in health food stores. New distributors are coming out and the old distributors may be “getting a conscience.” Whichever source you choose, choose very carefully!

    In my section on herbs, I spoke about how many currently available herbs now lack the proper potency (or strength) needed for proper healing. MSM is also like the herbs example. MSM can and will do a wonderful amount of good for the body, if quality MSM is used! Otherwise you might as well just through your money away. Choose wisely!

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    Side Effects and References

    Side Effects:

    MSM is considered very safe. Toxicity is extremely rare. No toxic effects were shown in humans given up to one gram per kilogram of body weight (70 Grams or more) per day for 30 days. MSM is generally non-allergenic.


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    Reliable Sources

    I can only recommend one source of MSM at this time. It is by the father and son I spoke about earlier in this write up. The father John Rich passed away in 1997. John and his wife were the ones who introduced the idea of frozen foods to the grocery stores, just after the Second World War. John made many inventions; two that “should” be on the market are first; a water bumper for cars, trucks, buses, and tugboats; then later a safety bumper for cars and trucks. The “big boys” sabotaged the testing of these bumpers, so the ordinary people like you and I get ourselves and our cars damaged with little impact. His bumpers withstood an impact of 25 mph into a cement barrier; and two cars going head on, each at 20 mph, for a head on collision of 40 mph. Neither cars nor drivers were injured. You might notice the large yellow safety barrels on the freeways to protect a car from hitting the guardrails that come to a point as you approach an exit ramp. John invented those also. He invented many more things. His son John Rich is getting old, but is a storehouse of knowledge about many other things, besides just health. (He is also a captain in the US Army reserve and has a lot of knowledge about things that are not nice to take about, that are actually very upsetting.) Their MSM that is advertised as only MSM and pure MSM, is indeed pure. They also have a product called “For in One”. It is MSM with a few very good additives, designed to work together. I do recommend their products. Their company name is “Rich Distributing.” Their products can be found in some health food stores, and some alternative physicians offices. You can also order directly from them either by phone or Internet.
    Their phone number is: 1-503-761-7450
    Their internet address is: RichDistributing.com

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  • DISCLAIMER This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional with Nutritional Training to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements about these health topics or any suggested product compositions.