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Kidney Stones

My patient was a 45 year old male, retired from a US Navy Aircraft Carrier. He was trained to endure pains and keep on working. His lifestyle was perfect: Loving marriage, entire family jogged on a regular basis. Meals consumed was the envy of Naturopathic Doctors. At age 45, he was as physically fit as the day he enlisted into the Navy. He never touched soft drinks. His primary beverage was pure water. His new civilian job stress level was medium, but he was trained to always remain calm under any circumstances.

He was diagnosed via MRI by Kaiser with a 2.5 mm kidney stone which had exited his left kidney and was stuck two inches into his ureter. His pain level was intense as all kidney stones are anyhow.

His Prescription: One Percocet every two hours for the next eight days. He was dispensed 96 Percocet tablets. SIG: Drink copious amounts of water to flush out stone. If stone is still stuck after eight days, another 96 Percocet will be authorized.

Three days later he called my office. His pain levels had been increasing dramatically. He arrived at our clinic at 7 P.M. He and his wife had been patients of ours for many years. His wife drove him which should be obvious, given his pain levels and taking narcotics.

He, his wife, my secretary (my wife) and I, were all in the treatment room together to give him moral support as I treated him for kidney stones. I told him FSM has a “slam dunk” kidney stone protocol that never fails. He will be out of pain in about 20 minutes, allowing his ureter to relax to help move the stone.

Before treatment he took a Percocet. His face was sweating due to the intense pain, but he never complained. He had been trained by the US Navy to do his job under any condition.

I did the “slam dunk” protocol we are taught in our training seminar. FSM docs, refer to your five-day core training notes and your FSM laminates. Specifically: 91 / 23 and 20 / 60. Which is hardening in the kidney and pain reaction in the ureter. I fully expected him to be out of pain by 7:20 PM.

9:00 PM. Pain was increasing at lot! Not decreasing as taught to be expected in FSM training. Patient consumed another Percocet. Patient continued to drink copious amounts of water, needing to urinate often, using a screen to hopefully catch his stone with the urine screen provided to him by Kaiser.

11:00 PM. Pain continues to increase exponentially!!! Patient is now in a deep sweat but never complains. Patient’s wife and my wife do their best to give him moral support. I am sweating because this “slam dunk” protocol is NOT working!

Patient reaches for another Percocet which has NOT decreased his pain in any way over the last three days!

NOTE: I continue to use my two “Blue Boxes” I purchased in 1997 and 2000. In 2001 I had them upgraded from two digits to three digits by the late George Douglas. George was a perfectionist electrical engineer who personally built the blue boxes, one at a time. George only lived a few miles from my office. I was his doctor. He kept my blue boxes in tip top shape. George was also my friend. The Blue Boxes are more user friendly then the new “Precision Care” FSM devices. The frequencies are very quick and easy to change.

As my patient was about to swallow yet another Percocet, I asked him to stop for a moment. I told him and his wife, despite my having been specializing in FSM since 1997, I need help. I knew they were religious people, so I asked if the four of us could all hold hands and take turns praying. I prayed first. My wife next. Then my patient’s wife. Finally my patient. When my patient finished his prayer, I turned my shoulders so I could reach my Blue Box which was positioned behind me. I pressed some buttons without looking.

Suddenly my patient announced his pain was quickly deceasing. I looked behind to see what new frequencies I had programmed.

“Of course” I felt. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that???

My personal body likes to make kidney stones all the time. I have a lot of personal, very painful experiences. Kidney stones DO NOT HURT WHEN THEY ARE IN THE KIDNEY!

FSM Docs, Study your FSM five-day CE notes. 91 / 23 addresses “hardening” in the kidneys. My patient’s stone was not in his kidney. It was stuck in his ureter. Secondly: His stone was not just “hardening.” 80% of all kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate. (References: Many analysis available on the internet from peer reviewed published medical journals.)

FSM docs: Study your laminates and think outside the box. Calcium oxalate has two available frequencies: 766 and 217. The ureter is 60. Without looking, I had entered 766 / 60.

In less than 15 minutes after entering 766 / 60, my patient was already in the bathroom and caught his kidney stone in his Kaiser issued urine screen. I examined his stone under magnification. It had shrunk from 2.5 mm, down to 0.7 mm. It was surrounded by soft mucus which I concluded was “melted” calcium oxalate. The remaining edges were very sharp.

I continued to treat him for an additional hour with a new frequency: 284 / 23.

My medical conclusion. His stone had not moved in three days because of the odd shape and very sharp edges. It had lodged itself deep into the tissues of his left ureter. It had formed a total, 100% blockage of urinary flow down his left ureter. He had been drinking copious amounts of water. His left kidney was about to burst open, like a water balloon with too much water. His exponentially increasing pain was no longer from his kidney stone, stuck in his ureter. It was his kidney about ready to burst apart like a breaking water balloon. His pains suddenly began to subside quickly because urine was now able to rush past his stone as the stone was shrinking and now traveling down his ureter and into his bladder. The hydro-static water pressure in his left kidney was being evacuated rapidly.

284 and 23 treats “bruising in the kidney.” (For the hydro-static water pressure.)

I had now worked on my patient for the last five hours. The time was now midnight. He asked: “How much do I owe you?” My response: I had failed you as a doctor. Your kidney was about to burst apart and the chances you could have died was very high. God gave me the frequency to heal you, not me. I cannot charge for God’s work.

The next day the family had scheduled a one week camping trip in the woods, sleeping on the ground inside their tents. They kept their plans. When they returned from the woods my patient reported back. His left kidney felt a little bruised, but it only lasted for a few days.

Plea to FSM docs. Study your laminates. There are a total of four frequencies that treat different types of calcium salts. This is not including the hardening frequency which is different. I truly believe my patient could have died if I had not listened to inspiration. While my patient was an extreme example out of the ordinary, every life is golden. You might just save a life.

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