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How to pay for services at our practice.

Auto accidents

Valid auto accident claim? We do all of your insurance billing for you. You just concentrate on getting better!

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Facts:

  • BY LAW: All accident victims can go to any doctor of their choice. Mainstream or alternative care physicians, it does not matter.
  • BY LAW: PIP is a “no fault” policy. It does not matter who caused the accident, you are still covered in full.
  • BY LAW: Your insurance company cannot raise your rates or cancel your policy, if you decide to seek medical treatment for your accident and have your PIP cover your expenses.
  • PIP must be included in all automobile and motorcycle policies. If you decide to waive this portion of your coverage, you must do so in writing. Otherwise you are automatically covered.
  • PIP pays medical bills for three years. The minimum PIP coverage automatically included in auto policies is $10,000. Higher coverages are optional and common.
  • PIP has no deductible or co-pay requirements.

For all other medical services, payment is expected at the time services are performed. For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, money orders and most major credit cards. We provide you with a receipt that contains all diagnoses and treatment codes so all you have to do is send those receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement. You should be aware that different insurance companies vary greatly in the types of coverage available.

We can save you a lot of money when ordering lab tests. We order a lot of extensive blood and hair testing panels and have worked out pricing deals with testing labs to discount their prices. The way this works is the patient pays us, then we are able to order your tests at discounted prices.

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