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Iodine Discussion
Other Tissues that Require Iodine
Iodine Deficiency
Lack of Iodine
Thyroid Hormone Prescription Facts
Iodine Supplement Consumption
Quality of Supplements
Additional Disclaimer

Iodine Discussion

An essential element for thyroid hormone production by the body is Iodine. If you are too low in iodine, your body will never be able to produce enough thyroid hormone to keep your basal metabolic rate normal. You will then develop hypothyroidism, you will always be overweight, low of energy, etc.

Dr. Flechas, as well as other doctors like Drs Guy E. Abraham M.D., Jorge D. Flechas M.D., John C. Hakala R., Ph.D. and Joseph Mercola, M.D., are adamant that the USRDA recommendations may be insufficient for many. Current USRDA recommendations are:
150 micrograms (mcg) per day for adult men and women
220 mcg for pregnant women
290 mcg for lactating / breast feeding women
This USRDA was set with the intention to only prevent goiter, not to address the needs of the rest of the body.
(3, 4)

According to Dr. Flechas, your thyroid alone needs about 6 mg of iodine per day; the breasts of a 110-pound woman will need about 5 mg/day (larger women or women with larger breasts need more). Other body tissues, such as your adrenal glands, thymus, ovaries, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland, need about 2 mg/day. (3)

It is important to know that the USRDA iodine levels are in micrograms (mcg), and Dr. Flechas’s recommendations are in milligrams (mg). One milligram (mg) is the same as 1000 micrograms (mcg). IE: The USRDA values are extremely low, compared to Dr. Flechas’s recommendations. (4)

According to Dr. Flechas, researchers have determined that the average dietary intake of iodine for Japanese women is 13.8 milligrams (mg) per day. He recommends 12.5 mg/day, especially for his pregnant patients to optimize their child’s intelligence. He shares a couple of success stories in his lecture, where iodine supplementation at higher doses resulted in children with remarkably advanced intelligence. (3)

Japanese homeland diets include a daily average of 4.6 grams of seaweeds. Seaweeds are high in naturally occurring Iodine. The Japanese have been incorporating seaweeds into their diet for generations. The average calculated amount of daily Iodine intake in Japanese citizens, 13.8 mg, stems from their tradition of using seaweeds as part of their staple diet. (Note: Seaweed sold in the United States has a tremendous variation in the amount of Iodine content compared to the seaweed used in Japanese diets and is therefore NOT a dependable source of Iodine.) (1, 2, 3, 4)

Japanese women have a very low rate of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast (FDB) and low mortality rate of cancers of the female reproductive organs, compared to current levels in the United States. (3% versus 89%.)

Drs Abraham’s, Flechas’s, and Hakala’s recommendation of 12.5 mg/day originates from a time-tested Lugol solution that has been available since 1829 when it was first introduced by the French Physician Dr. Jean Lugol. Dr. Lugol’s solution contained 12.5 mg of Iodine composed as: 5 mg Iodine and 7.5mg of Iodide as a potassium salt. This amount of Iodine is very close to the 13.8 mg estimated daily intake of Japanese subjects living in Japan. Dr. Lugol’s formula is still available today under the name: “Iodoral”. (1, 4)

IODORAL can be purchased through Dr. Young’s office at 360-687-3340.
NOTE: See disclaimer at end of this article, specifically:
“The reader must choose for themselves if they believe in the current USRDA of Iodine, or if they choose to believe the research of Drs, Guy E. Abraham M.D., Jorge D. Flechas M.D., and John C. Hakala R., Ph.D. The reader takes full responsibility for their choice of their daily intake of Iodine.”

Dr. Lugol’s Iodine formula was in popular use during the 1800s, up through the early 1900s. During this era, in 1928, Dr. Ghent et al conducted autopsy research of women. He found a low 3% incidence of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast in women (FDB). (1)

The current, very low USRDA of Iodine has its roots beginning from a study conducted by Dr. Sherlock Arem M.D… NASA consulted with Dr. Arem who recommended consuming no more than 500 to 600 mcg (micrograms) of Iodine per day. In 1999 Dr. Arem published his book detailing his recommendations. Dr. Arem was also the editor of an educational periodical on thyroid disorders which is read by 25,000 physicians nationwide. His position as editor influenced a large segment of practicing endocrinologists, which has led to today’s, ultra-low USRDA for Iodine. Today the USRDA of Iodine is a mere 150 micrograms per day. (2)

A follow-up autopsy study in 1973, after the USRDA of Iodine supplementation became so low, found a marked increase of FDB. This disease had risen to 89% of American women. Several comments by knowledgeable doctors contribute this alarming rise of FDB to the current, ultra-low levels of daily consumption of Iodine, which is the current USRDA. (1, 4)

Iodine is the only trace element required for, and in the synthesis of, hormones. It is the most deficient trace element in the world with an acknowledged one-third of mankind functioning below optimal levels due to this deficiency. Low intake of Iodine is the world’s leading cause of intellectual deficiency. In 1930, Dr. Thompson et al wrote: “The normal daily requirement of the body for Iodine has never been determined.” This statement remains true to this day. (2)

Hypothyroidism, which is one of the first ailments to develop in response to iodine deficiency, is indeed particularly troublesome during pregnancy. One 1999 study found that thyroid deficiency during pregnancy can lower your child’s IQ by about seven points. The researchers noted that for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, before the unborn child’s thyroid becomes active, the mother is the sole source of thyroid hormones. Studies suggest that these hormones play an important role in brain development. Overall, compared with other children, the offspring of thyroid-deficient mothers had impaired school performance and lower scores on tests of attention, language, and visual-motor performance. (3)

Dr. Flechas makes a compelling argument that the USRDA recommendations of Iodine are completely insufficient for overall physical health and prevention of diseases such as thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, and cancer. Iodine actually induces APOPTOSIS, meaning it causes cancer cells to self-destruct. Dr. Flechas is adamant that the absence of iodine in a cell is what causes cancer and statistics tend to support his view. In his lecture, he shows the results of a number of NHANES surveys to support his observations. (3) (NHANES stands for The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. It is a program of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States. The survey is unique in that it combines interviews and physical examinations.)

For example, between 1971 and 2000, the average iodine levels declined by 50 percent in the U.S.A. During that same time cancers, specifically associated with iodine deficiency, such as cancer of the breast, prostate, endometrium, and ovaries, increased. He also points out that the USRDA completely ignores the presence of increasing amounts of goitrogens in the environment, (environmental pollutants that causes goiter). Goitrogens compete for the same receptors used in your thyroid gland and elsewhere to capture iodine. So if you’re exposed to too many of these, your thyroid hormone production can be severely disrupted, resulting in a low thyroid state. (3)

One known goitrogen is lead. Lead is known to negatively affect the endocrine system. Lead occupies the same thyroid sites once reserved only for Iodine. Instead, several storage sites in the Thyroid Gland now contain lead. Insufficient iodine remains in the Thyroid Gland, leading to goiter. This does not even consider the iodine needs of several more bodily glands (The endocrine system is the entire collaboration of all hormone production, which of course includes thyroid hormone production.) (4)

Iodine is not required only for thyroid gland. OTHER TISSUES THAT REQUIRE IODINE include:
1) Brain
2) Cerebral spinal fluid
3) Breasts
4) Ovaries
5) Hypothalamus
6) Pituitary gland
7) Adrenal glands
8) Thymus, Stomach
9) Pancreas
10) Salivary glands
11) Skin.
(1, 2, 3, 4)

Dr. Flechas presents a number of interesting facts about iodine that is not widely known. For example thyroid hormones are created not just in your thyroid, but also in a woman’s ovaries (thyroid T2), and in the white blood cells of your bone marrow. (3)

IODINE DEFICIENCY , or insufficiency, in any of these tissues will lead to dysfunction of that tissue. Hence the following symptoms could provide clues that you’re not getting enough iodine in your diet. For example, iodine deficiency in these tissues, causes the following health problems:

1) Salivary glands
Inability to produce saliva, producing dry mouth.

2) Skin
Dry skin, and lack of sweating. Three to four weeks of iodine supplementation will typically reverse this symptom, allowing your body to sweat normally again.

3) Brain
Reduced alertness and lowered IQ.

4) Muscles
Nodules, scar tissue, pain, fibrosis and fibromyalgia. (3)

Dr. Flechas discusses the importance of total body iodine sufficiency and how LACK OF IODINE might severely affect your child’s brain and intellectual prowess. Iodine is an essential trace element required for the synthesis of hormones. The lack of it can also cause or contribute to the development of:
1) Hypothyroidism
2) Goiter
3) Mental retardation
4) Cretinism (severely stunted physical and mental growth and deafness due to untreated congenital hypothyroidism)
5) Certain forms of cancer

Dr. Flechas insists severe iodine deficiency is rampant, while others continue to claim this is not the case at all, that taking higher doses of iodine can be harmful. (1, 2, 3, 4)

PERSONALLY? I have been taking Iodoral for some time. My cognitive abilities have risen and my ability to remain focused has also risen in direct proportion to my increased cognitive functions. I just wish I had known this information when I was a child. Grade school, High School, College, and finally Medical School would have been so much easier.

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Thyroid Hormone Prescription Facts

1) The longer someone has been on Synthroid or similar, the harder it is to reduce or get off.
2) Use Synthroid long enough and the thyroid shuts OFF. If this occurs, you will be sentenced to taking prescription thyroid hormone medications for the rest of your entire life.
3) There are so many factors that affect the thyroid, if these are resolved then thyroid function can often improve.
4) Lots of various heavy metals affect the thyroid as well as mineral deficiencies and meds. Patients have to get off estrogenic oils, foods, soy, etc. as well as estrogen / bioidentical hormones, as these all lower thyroid function.
5) Probably as important is exercise (muscle building/good sweat), to stimulate the thyroid to function.
6) With thyroid problems, there are often many other problems and synthroid is not fixing the foundational problems.
7) Often patients go too fast when reducing their thyroid meds, which creates other problems or a crises.
8) Treating hypothyroidism naturally, including treating all of the underlying foundational problems, is slow. It usually takes 6 months to a year.
9) Test properly:
A) Blood – 60 values
B) Hair – 37 values
C) Urinary – 20 values pre and again post chelation agent, testing for hidden stores of Heavy Metal Toxins.
D) Food Allergies – 144 foods tested

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Iodine Supplement Consumption

Never take Iodine before going to bed, it activates your brain and you will not be able to get to sleep. Dr. Young recommends you never take Iodine after 3:00 PM. Otherwise you may not get a good night’s sleep. (4)

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Quality of Supplementation

All supplements recommended by Dr. David G. Young, N.D., PSc.D., owner and operator of All Natural Doctor, LLC, located in Battle Ground, Oregon, for his Blood, Hair and Urine Analysis, are therapeutic / pharmaceutical grade. These are very potent and should be used as recommended. Use of lower quality supplements as found in some retail and online outlets could likely produce inferior results and subsequently would require much more product to get the same biological value. Or the products might of the wrong vitamin / mineral type and simply will not work at all. (4)

An example is this report released in February 2015 by Throne Research. This information is public knowledge and is widely known in the health industry.

“There have been a number of recent items in the media regarding dietary supplements. Most recently, the media has reported on the New York Attorney General’s office delivering cease and desist letters to four major retailers – Target, GNC, Walgreens, and Walmart – to stop selling certain dietary supplements. The action in New York was taken in response to an investigation conducted by the Attorney General in which 78 bottles of popular botanical supplements were obtained off the shelves of these retailers and subjected to DNA barcoding analysis. This analysis has been claimed to determine that many of the sampled products contained ingredients other than those listed on the label, and in some cases, revealed the major ingredients cited on the label were not present in the product.”

Dr. Young will only recommend what he believes to be safe.

An example was presented to him by one of his patients, who is a sales representative for a company who manufacturers high tech instruments which are sold to the U.S.A. Government, U.S.A. Military, Vitamin manufacturers, and other high tech industries. When manufacturing Chromium Picolinate, the Picolinate is usually purchased outside the U.S.A… Through manufacturing technology, the Chromium molecule is attached to the Picolinate molecule, thus producing Chromium Picolinate, a molecule which our bodies can now absorb so we can acquire the Chromium needed to help prevent / reverse Type II Diabetes. Picolinate is produced in stages. There is a raw / starting point which is then refined again and again until a safe and biologically absorbable form is the final product. This is the Picolinate which needs to be added to the Chromium. (4)

Note: Read or listen to Dr. Young’s Type II Diabetes lecture:
Medical Topics

Radio Shows
The Truth About Type II Diabetes

This new instrument ($500,000.00 per unit), is able to determine at which stage of development the Picolinate is when received at the Vitamin manufacturing plant. A few years ago one US vitamin manufacture purchased one of these instruments. The next year three more US vitamin manufacturers purchased their own instruments. It was discovered that the Picolinate being purchased from outside the United States, was the starting point of Picolinate, not the final end product. The starting point Picolinate CAUSES CANCER! When the first U.S.A. vitamin manufacturer discovered they had been using the low grade Picolinate that causes cancer, they contacted their overseas Picolinate manufacture to confront them. This is how the conversation unfolds. (4)

A) US Vitamin Manufacturer:
Do you know that the Picolinate you are selling us causes cancer?

B) Picolinate Manufacturer:

C) US Vitamin Manufacturer:
Then why are you selling that form of Picolinate to us?

D) Picolinate Manufacturer:
You want good price, ya?

There a numerous other companies, including many Multiple Level Marketing (MLM) companies, who are simply not aware of the above information. This information has not been made public. It is information Dr. Young has acquired from inside sources. Dr. Young has several patients who began taking Metagenics Chromium Picolinate with wonderful and rapid reductions in their Hemoglobin A1C (HA1C) levels (the three month marker for blood glucose). However, to save a little money, when they began purchasing their Chromium Picolinate from other companies, some of which are highly regarded MLM companies, their HA1C levels began to rise again to their previously high levels. These MLM companies and other supplement companies are simply not aware of the different forms of Picolinate, or they may be just assuming the Picolinate they are purchasing is the highly refined Picolinate, either because they are not aware of this new testing equipment, or the price tag is beyond their budgets. When a patient takes any Chromium Picolinate where the Picolinate is the grade which causes cancer, the body will dump that Chromium Picolinate out the other end of the body, down the toilet. (4)

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One pharmaceutical grade elect company, Metagenics, will sell “through” a doctor’s office via a link on the doctor’s website, thereby allowing the patient direct access to Metagenics website. Therefore you can order on your own. Dr. Young tries to use Metagenics whenever possible because Metagenics products are therapeutic / pharmaceutical grade and you can order them yourself. This is Dr. Young’s favorite company because he believes they have the best products. He has been recommending Metagenics products since 1992 without a single regret. Metagenics has conducted more research with published articles than all the other, well known supplement manufacturers, COMBINED! (4)

From Dr. Young’s website:
allnaturaldoctor.com Buy Products

Metagenics’ policy has been to only sell their products through a doctor’s office with a doctor’s prior approval. Reason: Therapeutic grade products that are far more effective than common retail products at grocery and nutrition stores, have to be used with knowledge.

Unfortunately, times have changed. For a while now some Metagenics products can be found on the internet, most frequently on Amazon. These were either counterfeit products and could sometimes actually be dangerous or at the very least non-effective. Some doctors had purchased large qualities which have surpassed their expiration dates and they are now trying to unload those products. Metagenics has four, full-time staff whose only job is to locate, then shut down companies or individuals who are selling illegal or expired Metagenics products.

For your safety, please only order directly from Metagenics, through my website, following the instructions above, assuring the Metagenics products you are receiving are authentic and fresh.

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(1) Effect of daily ingestion of a tablet containing 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide as the potassium salt, for a period of 3 months, on the results of thyroid function tests and thyroid volume by ultrasonometry in ten euthyroid Caucasian women. – Guy E. Abraham M.D., Jorge D. Flechas M.D., and John C. Hakala R., PhD.
(2) Orthoiodosupplementation: Iodine sufficiency of the whole human body. – Guy E. Abraham M.D., Jorge D. Flechas M.D., and John C. Hakala R., Ph.
(3) Restorative Medicine – Hypothyroid Conference – Total Body Iodine Suffiency, Portland, Oregon, 2011 – Dr. Jorge D. Flechas, M.D., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz-idbgcupu
(4) Dr. David G. Young, N.D., PSc.D., All Natural Doctor, LLC, Battle Ground, Washington.

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Additional Disclaimer

The reader must choose for themselves if they believe in the current USRDA of Iodine, or if they choose to believe the research of Drs, Guy E. Abraham M.D., Jorge D. Flechas M.D., and John C. Hakala R., Ph. The reader takes full responsibility for their choice of their daily intake of Iodine.

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DISCLAIMER This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional with Nutritional Training to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements about these health topics or any suggested product compositions.