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HcG & Weight Loss

The following is a warning letter given to Naturopathic Doctors from one of my medical boards.

August 10, 2010
Dear Licensees of the Board of Naturopathic Medicine, It has come to the attention of the OBNM that various weight loss clinics are employing or attempting to employ Oregon ND’s in order to obtain a controversial weight loss aid called HcG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Some of these weight loss clinics are currently under investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice. One Oregon ND has already been disciplined for being involved with one of these clinics. HcG requires a prescription by a licensed physician, and the package insert comes with a disclaimer that it has no affect as an adjunct to weight loss. The OBNM would like to advise Oregon naturopathic physicians not to get involved in any partnership with a clinic that may provide inadequate care to members of the public. Please note that when prescribing this or any other medication to a patient, appropriate chart notes, health history, physical examination, adequate training and follow up are necessary and your responsibility.
Practice in Health,
Members of the Board of Naturopathic Medicine.

In December 2010, this Medical Board presented a special class; inside part of our annual, mandatory, pharmacology continuing education requirements; specifically addressing the proper use of HcG. It was made very clear in our class, that HcG does not cause a person to loose weight. When someone is on an HcG weight loss diet program, it is the daily caloric restriction that causes the weight loss, not the HcG. These HcG diets only allow the patient to consume 500 to 600 calories per day maximum. Then, these calories must be either free of carbohydrates, or extremely low in carbohydrates. What the HcG does is instructs the body from where the body should consume itself, while the weight is being burned off as fuel. Without HcG, the body may use muscle cells, or fat cells, as fuel. With HcG, the body is instructed to use fat cells only, or mostly.

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