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Adrenal Gland Fatigue and Exhaustion has Serious Consequences
Sufficient Home Treatment is Available through Natural Medicines

Symptoms of underactive Adrenal Glands (Adrenal insufficiency and later Adrenal exhaustion) include: fatigue, tire easily, low or no endurance, inability to handle stress, poor appetite, dizziness, weight loss and nausea. Adrenal insufficiency will also negatively affect growth and development of children and adolescents.

The adrenal glands are endocrine (hormone production) glands that are located on the top of the kidneys. Humans have two kidneys with one adrenal gland of top of each kidney. Adrenal glands are the body’s primary defense mechanism to stress. Under stressful situations they will produce cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine).

Cortisol is also needed for day-to-day functioning. The adrenal glands release a high volume of cortisol early upon waking to physically get us going. As the day progress onward, cortisol production decreases. At about 5PM (for people living in a normal “day job time zone”), cortisol production increases slightly. Some refer to this as our “second wind.”

When the adrenal glands begin to wear out, cortisol production wanes. “Adrenal exhaustion” is a common term for people who remain sluggish all day long. When true adrenal exhaustion takes hold, it is difficult to get the adrenal glands back up to full hormone production.

The sequence is: Adrenal fatigue, leading to adrenal insufficiency, then eventually leading to full blown adrenal exhaustion if left untreated.

There are two parts of the adrenal glands: 1) The adrenal cortex, the outer portion, and 2) The adrenal medulla, the inner core. The adrenal cortex produces Cortisol and Aldosterone. The adrenal medulla produces Adrenaline (epinephrine 80%) and Noradrenaline (norepinephrine 20%).

Adrenaline and noradrenaline are “catecholamines.” Catecholamines are derived from the amino acid Tyrosine. Please read my write-up on “Proteins” found in the index of this website. Pay particular attention to “Non-Denatured” Proteins verses “Denatured” Proteins. Your ability to produce Adrenaline depends on having sufficient levels of free (unused) Tyrosine circulating in your body.

Adrenaline is the hormone the adrenal glands produce in response to stress. It is easy to see adrenaline soaring when a tiger or lion wants to eat you and you are running for your lives. However, adrenaline is also released during other, non-physical stressful situations, like constant stress at your daily job to “hurry up” and think or produce faster. (Like the lion and tiger are going to get you if you do not hurry up.) Constant daily stress will lead to adrenal fatigue, insufficiency, and finally exhaustion.

The adrenal glands affect kidney function through their secretion of aldosterone from the adrenal cortex. Aldosterone helps maintain the balances of water and salts within the body, which if dis-regulated, results in either low or high blood pressure, depending on which way the imbalance occurs.

Adrenal exhaustion is a serious life threat. It is better to treat your adrenal glands before they have degraded this far. Educational Medical Considerations for the Adrenal Glands

Educational Medical Considerations for Adrenal Glands:
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Category: “Neurological Health”
Educational Suggestions:
1) Adrenogen: 2 tablets “normal waking hours” followed by, 1 tablet “normal mid day”
2) Cortico-B5B6: 1 tablet “normal waking hours”
3) Adreset: 2 tablets “normal waking hours” followed by, 2 tablets “normal mid day”
(#1 and #2 are used in combination. #3 is added for relief from daily stress.)

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