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When Cherubs Earn Their Wings

Gentle, Natural, Alternative Treatment for ADD and ADHD

The childhood disorders of ADD and ADHD can be hard on parents and family. Many children are mandatorily placed on drug therapy before they are allowed back into school. Drug therapy has a tendency to subdue the child from their otherwise beautiful inherent potential in school and social skills.

There are better, all natural alternative choices. I am part of a professional group of physicians belonging to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (cchrint.org). CCHR’s primary objective is to protect children by exposing the harmful side effects of Psychiatric Drugs, the mainstay of treatment for these children.

I have treated several children in whom I can safely say, they have earned their wings, all without drug therapy. Aggressive behavior displayed to their teachers in school and their parents at home was replaced by enhanced tests shores in school and gentleness in both school and home.

For the ADD and ADHD children I treat, I’ve found an extensive food allergy test can be eye opening because all of these children always seem to be highly allergic to some types of food. The FDA has authorized a list of common symptoms which are known to affect both children and adults who have “less severe food reactions”. In my clinical experience since 1993 when testing for food allergies, the more severe the reaction, the more severe the symptoms. I have seen symptoms triple in intensity when the food allergies were severe. The FDA approved list is:

Most prominent in Children

  • Ear Infections
  • Mood and Behavior Problems
  • Bed Wetting

Adults and Children

  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Water Retention
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight Gain / Loss
  • G.I. Tract Problems
  • Chronic Infections
  • Chronic Fatigue

Significant food allergies causes the gut to become highly infected and inflamed; like a fire in your intestines that never gets better. Children usually act out negatively because they are always in some kind of systemic pain which they cannot identify or describe, or they just don’t feel good.

After I identified and removed highly reactive foods from my young patient’s diets, my next step is a therapy called Microcurrent, or Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I have been specializing in Microcurrent since 1997. Children with ADD and ADHD who have microcurrent treatment for their disorders, always seem to do better, compared to the time before being treated.

It is so rewarding to have parents and grandparents report back, that their son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, are excelling in school when in the past they were suspended from school for negative display of behavior patterns. Their faces are not red anymore. They are polite to their teachers and their parents.

Either personality patterns, negative or positive, can carry over into adult life. If the child was treated using psychiatric drug therapy, they will have a tendency to use psychiatric drug therapy in adult life. If they were treated naturally as children, their adult life is usually more stable and happier. I have patients, once children, who are now grown adults. I have seen the results.

Microcurrent is a gentle treatment using microcurrent amperage to drive very specific bio-available harmonic frequencies into the body, frequencies which are known to assist the body to heal naturally. It can be likened unto homeopathy, but electronic. A very detailed description of Microcurrent is available in the “Resources” section of AllNaturalDoctor.com. I have used microcurrent for years to treat PTSD, ADD/ADHD and many other ailments of the body. From injuries that are purely physical due to auto and sports accidents; to the PTSD fear of being inside a car after an auto accident, or emotional trauma after a traumatic life event, or the severe PTSD of a war veteran who has been in active combat.

With older children and adults, I like to add a comprehensive blood and hair test. The purpose of this testing is to identify areas of the body which are not functioning at optimum levels, then correct these dysfunctions using all natural, therapeutic grade supplements.

If very aggressive behavior patterns are observed at any age of the child, additional testing called “urinary toxic metals” is recommended. It is well known that exposure to lead has numerous adverse effects on behavior and development. Lead is a hazardous neurotoxicant with a wide range of adverse effects on human health and behavior, such as increasing learning disabilities, behavior problems, aggressive behavior, ADD and ADHD. It is well established that lead has particularly strong behavioral effects on young children and that some of these effects persist as the children grow into adults. Lead stores primarily in bone tissue. The human body has natural elimination channels to get rid of toxins, but when lead is stored in the bones, the body is unable to excrete this neurotoxin. Urinary Toxic Metal testing requires the use of a chelating agent well known to release toxic metals which are stuck in the body, including lead. If discovered, these toxins are then gently removed using the same chelating agent used in the testing procedure.

Mercury is present as a preservative in childhood vaccinations. Mercury can also be linked to ADD / ADHD diseases. Mercury is tested with the same urinary toxic metals test when testing for lead.

Yes, cherubs can earn their wings.


If lead is not removed from bone tissue, as adults age they will likely develop advanced stages of osteoporosis. Lead displaces calcium in bone tissue. Decreased calcium in bones makes them easier to break. I’ve identified several adults in their golden years with advanced stages of osteoporosis. With these patients I conduct the same Urinary Toxic Metal test I recommend above. These patients’ tests almost always reveal extremely high toxic levels of lead. I have also treated Parkinson’s patients who also have extremely high toxic levels of lead.

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